Journal of Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology Reflections

Editor - Dr Maria Luca

This is a new, international peer-reviewed journal which takes a non-doctrinaire, pluralistic approach to psychotherapy and counselling psychology.

The journal aims to produce open-access research-based material that bridges the academic and applied aspects of psychological therapies, and provide a forum for debate. 

Submissions from different traditions, epistemological positions and theoretical modalities are invited, to enable the development of open, reflective thinking about the philosophy, theory and practice of psychotherapy and counselling psychology.

View the third issue (January 2017)
JPCPR Journal - January 2017 (PDF)

View the second issue (September 2016)
JPCPR Journal - September 2016 (PDF)

View the first issue (January 2016)
JPCPR Journal - January 2016 (PDF)

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Journal of Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology Reflections (JPCPR)

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