Video transcript - student highlights


Firstly the campus just so impressive you know, being based in central London you know is very accessible and such a great location and it was a very exciting energy that I got when I arrived here.


The whole atmosphere at Regent's is totally amazing and it's totally different so that is why I have chosen Regent's.


I really enjoy studying here because it's a really friendly and kind family environment.

Anne & Viktoria

We have friends from all over. Yeah I think it's one hundred forty different countries and that's also why I chose it because it's so many different nationalities and that makes you more open-minded. Yeah and also you meet different cultures and people. So not only are you learning in your classes about culture and being international, you're learning it from your friends everyday. I mean Viktoria's Swedish and I'm Danish. We have friends from everywhere.


London is a culturally diverse city. I'm from a psychology background and I'm studying psychology to understand different people from different perspectives, different cultures. It has been really wonderful for me to study here.


If I were to pick one aspect that has been of the greatest value it's the change in lifestyle that this program has been able to offer me. The variety of career paths.


I chose Regent's mainly because of the lecturers in the communication design course. This is what I was lacking in France.


Thanks to the experience I have gained at Regent's I've got a very good to score in my IELTs and it allows me to start my masters this current year.


You have an excellent academic level and the diversity in the approach - both theoretical and practical but also you just feel that you are going to succeed because there are people here who will push you to be the best you can be.


I want to be someone who is inspiring, someone to look up to I kind of want to make a change. It doesn't have to be a global change it could be taking a business from one level to the next. All I know is I'm going to make a difference of some sort.

Last updated: 27 June 2017