Video transcript - Regent's University London video


Callan De Villiers – South Africa
Danyyil Peronkov – Ukraine
Olivia Nixon – United Kingdom
Sandra Nordstrom – Sweden
Aldwyn Cooper – Vice Chancellor
Soon Key Tri – United States of America
Carina Charlotte Jurs – Norway
Ankit Tibrewala – India
Sofia Petkar – Alumna, United Kingdom

Regent’s is an independent, not for profit university offering British and American degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
The main campus lies in a Royal Park in the heart of London, one of Europe’s most exciting cities.

(CDV) “If you walk through the park over the bridge and up into the University, there’s a view that you get of the outside of the building that makes you stop and be amazed.”
(DP) “And especially in the spring when everything is blooming, it’s truly amazing.”  
(ON) “Regents is such a tranquil place to come and study. However, just around the corner you’ve got Baker Street 5 minutes away and you’re basically linked to all of London.”

Our second campus is a short 10 minute walk away in London’s Marylebone Village, home to designers, boutiques and architecture reflecting London’s history.

(DP) “I feel like there is still so much I need to discover every single day; I do.”
(CDV) “ And places like Soho, the Tate Modern, the National Portrait Gallery are constant inspirations for people,  especially studying things that are creative, as well as business degrees.”

London is a cosmopolitan city where 8 million people from every corner of the globe contribute to its status as a world capital.
The city of London is a European centre of International Trade and Finance and London’s vibrant West End is packed full of culture and entertainment.

(SN) “I’m part of it now and I’m part of the vibe, I’m part of the atmosphere and that also creates the right feeling and right mood for me as a person.”

Whether you plan to study business or one of the arts you’ll find that London’s culture and commerce form an important part of the Regent’s experience.

(AC) “All of the staff that teach at Regent’s are scholarly active; that means they are keeping up at the cutting edge of their fields.  These are people that are still active in the fields in which they are teaching, whether those fields are banking, commerce, finance, tourism, luxury brands, the media or psychotherapy & counselling.”

Our academic courses are arranged through specialist schools and two faculties. We offer Business & Management, Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

(SKT) “A lot of the professors here are very successful. I actually went and googled one of my professors name and found pages of information that they published, books that they have written. You really want to listen to them ‘cause if you want to do something in that field, they have already done it.”

At Regents University London you benefit from a high quality education, close personal attention from your tutors and an international student body drawn from over 140 countries around the world. You’ll have study abroad opportunities, strong industry links, international work placements and regular visits from industry experts.

(CCJ) “I think that the teachers here have been absolutely fantastic in providing that element into their classes, because you learn from real life experiences, which also prepares you for the working life after finishing your degree.”

As an independent university we are continually investing in your learning facilities, our growing library of books and journals and access to digital sources are supplemented by online systems to ensure that effect communications are maintained with you on campus and when you are studying abroad or on international work placements.

(AT) “Regent’s gave me the opportunities in forms of simulations and competitions to put all the topics that I have learnt into practice.”

Regent’s University London’s central London location, commitment to internationalism and boutique style education ensure that our graduates are highly sought after and go on to enjoy great success in a variety of industries around the world.

(ON) “It’s just a really nice atmosphere in the classrooms.”
(DP) “As a student we feel so at home.”
(CCJ) “So if you want to have a fantastic student experience, as I am experiencing right now, you should defiantly come to Regent’s.”
(SP) “There’s lifelong friendships that have been formed and I think that’s a testament to life at regents, The warmth, the sense of security and the sense of belonging that we were left with.”


Last updated: 21 July 2016